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Any users that access and use the website or payment portal agree to the following

conditions set forth in the terms and conditions. If for any reason an individual does not

agree to the following, please do not use our web services.

  1. All the content that appears on our site or presented through the payment portal including but not limited to the code, graphics or text is the property of ADVANCED RECOVERY GROUP LLC. (“ARG”). Any use of the content within these guidelines is prohibited unless it pertains to ARG’s normal business operations or authorization is given by ARG either verbally or in writing.
  2. All the content present is stated to be “as is” and the company does not guarantee that usage of the site will be error-free, uninterrupted, or that any defects that are found will be corrected, although proper attention will be given to these issues there is no guarantee of the time frame that the issues will be resolved. ARG does not assume any responsibility that this site or the server that hosts this site are free of viruses or any other harmful components.
  3. ARG is NOT liable for any damages that may be caused through the use or inability to properly use any of the services or products offered through the site.
  4. Any agreement; other than one presented by ARG in writing, is void and will be refused. Certain states may allow for these terms to be altered and we will operate under the laws governing that state.
  5. If an individual believes that information presented through the website or payment portal is incorrect the individual must contact ARG directly either in writing or by phone during the standard hours of operation.
  6. If an E-mail or mailing address is provided to the company, ARG may contact you by these means or any other method of communication that has been provided.
  7. Any form of harassment in any manner by use or obscene or abusive language is strictly forbidden. Impersonation of any type or of any individual is prohibited.
  8. ARG cannot instantly review any activity through our site or the web payment portal. If a review is needed the consumer shall contact the company directly to expedite the process.
  9. The company may link to sites operated by third parties. Even if the third party is affiliated with ARG we do not have any control over these sites that are provided, and our policies do not extend once an individual has traveled outside of our sites. These are presented to you for your convenience and should be accessed at your own risk. We seek to protect our company integrity and any issues that are reported to ARG will be handled in a timely manner.
  10. Again, these terms and conditions are accepted and applicable upon an individual accessing the site or payment portal. The terms and conditions or any part of them may be terminated and/or altered without notice by the company at any time for any reason.